Back to school event 2019

Igniting creativity in the classroom

JTRS’s special Back to School event was held in November over 3 days, with 1 day in Abu Dhabi and days 2 and 3 in Dubai. The theme for this year was, Igniting Creativity in the Classroom (using the latest Apple Technology).

The event was attended by Head Teachers, Principals, Curriculum Directors, and Digital Learning Leads representing 44 schools across 14 different school groups. They were invited to be students for the day at JTRS School.

Each day, attendees (students) were split into groups and participated in various workshops throughout the day. Workshops (classes) featured were, Mac Lab, Creativity with AR, Movie Making, Reaching All Learners and Early Years Classroom.

As always, there were lots of great prizes up for grabs, such as for Best Team and Best Student. See some of the highlights below.