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Apple Teacher: earn badges & get your certification!

Apple Teacher is a free online CPD programme that recognises amazing teaching and learning with Apple Technologies. By training and completing the Apple Teacher course, you can build skills on iPad and Mac that directly apply to activities for iPad with your students, earn badges for the new things you learn and be rewarded for the great work you do every day. Read here the benefits of becoming an Apple Teacher.

How to get started with Apple Teacher?
Simply login on the Apple Teacher Learning Centre with your Apple ID. You can then access all of the materials and resources needed to pass the various quizzes and earn your Apple Teacher badge!

iPad Educational Apps & Teacher Guides

Everyone Can Code

Coding is essential for helping students thrive in a technology-driven future. So Apple created the free Everyone Can Code curriculum that makes it easy to teach coding in your classroom. Through teacher guides and lessons, you can introduce years 1-6 to coding concepts visually on iPad, show years 7-9 how to write code with the Swift Playgrounds app by solving puzzles, and support students in year 10 and up as they learn to build iOS apps on Mac using Xcode. So whether your students are first-time coders or aspiring app developers, you'll have all the teacher books and resources you need to teach coding in your classroom.  
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Everyone Can Create

Apple was founded on the idea that technology can unleash creativity - and they've designed hardware and powerful apps like GarageBand, iMovie, Keynote, Clips and Swift Playgrounds to do just that. Everyone Can Create is a series of projects guides to give students the tools to develop and communicate their ideas through drawing, music, video and photography with iPad. It gives teachers projects to bring creativity to every subject, and parents new ways to engage with their children and nurture skills for learning and beyond. It's designed to ignite and champion creativity because creativity is at the heart of what moves our world forward. 

Download the Everyone Can Create guides.

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